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Shipping & Delivery

  1. How do you ship?
    We ship our products world wide and all shipments are shipped in discreet packaging.
    – Our organization name or anything else that would imply pharmaceutical contents of the package is never used in our shipments.
    – If the order is too large to fit in one package, it will automatically be divided into two or more packages (all for one Shipment & Handling charge).
  2. How do i navigate or browse your website? Some buttons do not seem to work.
    The flash navigational banner on the top requires double click while the boxes on the left requires a single click. If you wish to browse and see the pictures of the products , click CATEGORIES [ PICTURES ] but if you wish to browse quickly, just click CATEGORIE [ LIST ].
  3. Why should i order from you instead of many other online pharmacies ?
    We have several advantages compare to other online pharmacies.

    1. Competitive price, lower than most competitors.
    2. Absolutely 100 per cent human grade genuine medications. There are many fakes and veterinarian grade steroids out there so you need to be careful.
    3. Guaranteed delivery or 100% full refund or resend.
    4. Prescription with each order.
    5. range of payment accepted including Wire Transfer .
    6. Prompt and quick delivery.
    7. Online tracking. [ Only for country that has EMS, FedEx, DHL affiliated delivery system ]. In US, it is USPS & FedEx. http://www.usps.com/ & https://www.fedex.com/en-us/home.html
    8. Anonymous and plain packaging.
    9. Rare and difficult to find medications.
    10. Worldwide shipping including APO address and PO boxes.
    11. Refund for return goods. See FAQ below
    12. Handling of airway bills and custom forms from different countries.
  4. How is bulk/large quantity orders shipped?

    If the order is too large to fit one package, the order will be divided into the necessary amount of packages .No matter how large your order is, we reassure you the same discretion level and repackaging as used for small sized orders.
  5. Do you worldwide?

    Yes we do. We take pride in delivering your order promptly and without any hassle to any country worldwide.
  6. Do you ship to P.O. Boxes and APO?

    We do ship to PO Box and APO.
  7. What is the cost of shipping?
    Shipping is fixed at $48 USD.
  8. How discrete is the packaging?
    The packaging is very discreet indeed. There is no mention of medication anywhere and it will look and feel like a book. We can handle airway bills, invoices and customs forms complete with doctor prescriptions to deliver the medication to you. Each package comes with its own tracking number that you can use to track it online.
  9. How can i pay ?Payment is accepted via BITCOIN, WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM and BANK TRANSFER
  10. What if I never receive the shipment? 
    If you do not receive the item just email us immediately. It might be a simple case of mistaken address. What differiantiates us from others is that we provide you with prescription with each order. Without this, your medication might have difficulties with the customs. We are so confident of delivery, we guarantee that if we failed for whatsoever reason to deliver your medication to your doorstep, we will issue you with full refund or resend .
  11. What if I receive the item but is not satisfied with it ? 

    Medication such as steroids or diet aids such as Meridia can only assist you to a certain degree. If you do not have a healthy diet rich in protein and exercise regularly, no medication in this world can help you. However we are sure that these medications can greatly help your diet. If you are not satisfied in any way, just return the item for full refund minus shipping. Return items must have ¾ of the content to be eligible for full refund.
  12. Do i need to register or create an account to buy ?
    YES, yes you will register automatically at the checkout”! .
  13. What should i stack with…?

    You need to do the research yourself. We don’t give any advice or give any professional opinions.!
  14. Does every order come with a prescription [fx]?

    Yes, it does.!
  15. Why are there different prices for the same drug, eg Oxymetholone ?
    Different manufacturers have different prices for the same drug [Chemical content].Some brand names are more established and expensive. Organon and Schering are widely known worldwide compared to CK of China. Usually Chinese products are cheaper than their western counterpart. The country of origin is also a factor. For example, Sustanon produced in Spain is more expensive than Sustanon from Pakistan or Egypt. Both are produced by Organon ,but from different manufacturing facilities in different countries. Then there are different volume in same packaging. So you need to consider and compare a few things before buying.

    1. Chemical/ Drug/ Content
    2. Price per unit
    3. Volume per package/unit
    4. Brand Name/ Manufacturer
    5. Country of Origin

    A more detail explanation regarding volume/content per amp is down below.

  16. Are Chinese steroids any good ?
    Some of the strongest steroid came from China.
  17. Will there be any side effect ?
    We will only provide you with the medications that you requested. We do not give any professional or non professional advise. You need to consult a fully certified medical practioner for any inquiry.
  18. So how do i read/calculate the total volume of the drugs?
    The medications come in different tabs, caps, vial, amps.