Trenbolone Enanthate Pure Raw Steroid Powder

Trenbolone Enanthate Pure Raw Steroid Powder
HPCL Tested 99% Assay Steroid Powder Trenbolone Enanthate 
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The most common trenbolone enanthate product in underground labs is 250mg/ml oil injection in 10ml vials. Trenbolone injection is easily distinguished by its deep yellow color. But please take note that it does not mean much deeper color, much better quality!
Trenbolone Enanthate (Tren E) is a19-nor steroid, very similar to Nandrolone. The primary difference between Trenbolone is that there is a double carbon bond present at the 9 and 11 position on the steran nucleus. Trenbolone can not aromatize to estrogen nor be 5a-reduced. It bonds very tightly to the Androgen Receptor, and for this reason it is thought that much of its fat-burning and muscle building abilities are receptor mediated.

Trenbolone enanthate Benefits
Trenbolone Enanthate Pure Raw Steroid Powder users report amazing strength and size gains while using this steroid. Especially when stacked with Testosterone.
Trenolone can be used in both a bulking as well as a cutting cycle – depending on diet and what it is being stacked with.
This compound acts as a very powerful fat burning aid.
It is highly androgenic as well as anabolic which explains the dramatic change in body composition of users.
It is unable to aromatize chemically – although it can still indirectly cause gynecomastia so precautions are necessary.
Is known for creating solid dry gains with a hard feel to the muscles – including increased definition usually only seen with compounds like Anavar.
Some users report that cutting with Tren is easy in regards to diet, as results are still noticeable without having an overly clean diet. Of course, diet makes a big difference with any cycle.

Trenbolone enanthate Dosage
Regardless of purpose, be it bulking or cutting most will find Trenbolone Enanthate Pure Raw Steroid Powder to be very effective in the 300mg-500mg per week

Side-Effects of Trenbolone-Enanthate
Trenbolone Enanthate Pure Raw Steroid Powder does not aromatize, therefore water retention is of no concern and this is true, as the hormone does not aromatize you will not hold any water due to its presence. However, as it will not aromatize most assume Gynecomastia is of no concern and this is incorrect. Yes, you can fall prey to Gynecomastia due to Trenbolone use simply because it is a progestin. As it will increase progestin Gynecomastia can occur in the same light as it can due to aromatization and the buildup of estrogen; thankfully a good aromatase inhibitor will as always block this horrible occurrence. Other side-effects such as acne and hair-loss can occur as well but most will find acne to be of very little concern and any hair-loss will be genetically predetermined; meaning, you were going to go bald any way, the presence of Trenbolone Enanthate Pure Raw Steroid Powder simply brought some hair-loss about sooner than it might have been.

Trenbolone enanthate details:
Molecular Formula: C25H34O3
Molecular weight: 382.54
Einecs No: 245-669-1
Character: yellow or pale yellow crystalline powder
Pharmacologic classification: anabolic steroid

TestsAnalysis StandardResults
Melting Point68ºC~75ºC69ºC~71ºC
Specific Rotation+25~ +30°+28°
Loss On Drying≤0.50%0.25%
Residue On Ignition≤0.10%Conforms
Organic Volatile Impurities≤800PPMConforms
ConclusionBe Conform With USP33/BP2009